Market Entry Japan – Food

Japan is the world’s third largest economic power.
High purchasing power, a stable political and economic system, and a population of 127 million provide a sound basis for market entry. However, the prolonged recession has changed the market and not all products are suitable for the Japanese market.
Nonetheless, German exporters should not be deterred by the horror stories of complicated distribution channels, language barriers or high product requirements!

Our services:

  • Product check
  • We tell you whether your product is suitable for the foreign market, what requirements it must meet and what export documents you need.

  • Market research
  • We tell you whether your product is already present on the foreign market and who your competitors are.

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  • Trade fair attendance in Japan
  • We prepare your trade fair attendance with you and point out specific characteristics of your target country. This gives you a competitive advantage.

  • Trading partner search
  • You use our network in Japan and our experience of finding an appropriate trading partner that is ideally suited to your company.

  • Preparing / checking export documents
  • You and your employees learn what documents are necessary and how they are to be issued correctly to obtain a licence to export to your target country. This saves you the bother of having to look for information and you can take advantage of our well established cooperation with the authorities.

  • QM training
  • Your QM team is trained to be able to handle the export process smoothly and independently in the future.

  • Audit
  • We know exactly what the Japanese require, advise you in advance and are at your side in the event of an audit.

  • Intercultural coaching
  • Do not underestimate the characteristics of cultural systems! Good communication with your business partners and knowledge of the different distribution policy, marketing and trade are the basis for your success and protect you against disappointment.

  • Representation
  • We represent your company and are your point of contact until everything runs smoothly.