German Language Courses – German Culture – Learning with Enthusiasm!

Language opens doors to friendships and an understanding of culture and mentality.
Anyone who wants to live or work in a foreign country should learn the language of that country.

Our courses take place regularly in the Japanese Honorary Consulate in Stuttgart. Private tuition or evening classes are, of course, also available.

Learning can be joyful!

  • German as a foreign language – courses for all grades and levels, from beginners to advanced learners
  • German grammar, basic vocabulary, simple texts, easy conversation.

  • Discuss in German
  • Germans like to discuss. Practice expressing yourself clearly.

  • Current issues …
  • … relating to daily politics, economy and international issues are discussed and vocabulary is improved. So that you can have your say.

  • Everyday German survival kit
  • Presentations, arranging appointments, emergency assistance, shopping, simple sentences, basic conversation, visiting the doctor.

  • German culture
  • Architecture, art, food, wine, mentality