Themed trips

The trips are organised around a theme chosen by you.
The participants focus on their particular priority.
They would like to gather as much information as possible.
Organised by IHIDA International. Carefree and perfect in every way.


  • Guided trip to trade fairs
    • To Japan
    • business trips to the BioFach, FOODEX, Wine & Gourmet; each with store check tour and establishing contacts

    • To Germany:
    • ANUGA, BioFach, ProWein

  • Themed Germany trip
    • Accompanied trip, e.g. herbs, bread, wine, mechanical engineering, cosmetics,
    • Company visit, establishing contacts, attracting businesses to Germany

  • Themed Japan trip
    • Business trip for food manufacturers: store check, establishing contacts, authorities,
    • Art & culture: nature, museums, paper, architecture, hiking

  • Journalists’ trip and photo shoots
    • Accompanied trips for journalists on selected themes
    • Photo shoots for magazines