All companies and people operating in the area of
Germany – Japan and Japan – Germany
and who have questions about it.

As export activities of competing companies are keenly monitored, for the sake of confidentiality we do not provide a customer and reference list. This list can be consulted on request. Alternatively, we can give you the name of a company in your sector to request a reference.

Vietnam, Singapore, China, South Korea
Companies from the food industry in the preparation of the necessary documents to apply for a licence to export to the country of destination.

Trade fairs:
Exhibitors who need support for the aforementioned countries.

German for foreigners:

Companies, schools and private individuals who would like to understand and apply the German language and the German way of life.


Immigrants from all countries who are looking for a new home and seeking help with immigration formalities.

Themed trips

To Japan:
companies, journalists and travellers who would like to deepen their knowledge about special Japanese themes.

To Germany:
travellers who want to further explore and understand a German theme.