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Relocation Service

Company mergers involve foreign employees being sent abroad. Have you thought of all the necessary formalities? What needs to be prepared and applied for, both before leaving their home country and after arriving here in Germany? 

IHIDA international can help you with: getting access to the German labor market / checking approval of the Federal Employment Agency (BA), registration, electronic residence permit (eAT) and visa applications at immigration authorities or consulates, dealing with authorities, obtaining certifications, formalities, searching for somewhere to live, driving licence conversion, authenticated translations etc. .

Cross-cultural training “Japan“

Market globalization leads to culturally overlapping situations within companies. Negotiations need to be conducted, objectives precisely defined, and usually with both parties having to employ English rather than their native tongue. 

The aim of my Japan cultural awareness training is to avoid future misunderstandings by providing you with practical instruments with which you can chart your way appropriately and safely through all kinds of situations. 

A good, purposeful communication benefits successful cooperation and saves not only time, but also nerves and money! 

Why IHIDA international?

It’s quite simple: we have many years of experience advising people in your situation and our Relocation Department can take on all the tiresome and time-consuming dealings with authorities for you. Your HR Department will thank you! This is because its staff doesn’t have the time to acquaint themselves with the latest residence laws, to queue at citizen registration offices or to go house-hunting with expats. 

As Japan Business Trainer, Martina Sick-Pannen illustrates in an understandable way the cultural differences, interpretation and meaning, and also provides solutions! What is the management style like in Japanese companies, what about hierarchies? How does verbal and non-verbal communication work there, and how can I engage in a constructive dialogue? What are the typical “faux-pas” to avoid? 

Why IHIDA international? At the end of the day it comes down to a question of trust, your trust in our abilities.

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